What do we do?

Insight is a Centre of Excellence (established 2012) and Specialist Primary School (established 2013) for blind and vision impaired students. It provides vision impaired students with the same opportunity as their sighted peers to excel academically, unlock their potential, and feel empowered to do things for themselves, whilst recognising and respecting their need and right to learn in different ways. Insight’s Centre of Excellence will be the “hub” of educational services for vision impaired students, regardless of where they live or go to school. It will operate a network of satellite mainstream specialist primary units to be established at Government and low-fee independent mainstream schools in Victoria, and InsightOut, a unique Mobile Classroom outreach program, designed to provide blind students in outer Melbourne and regional Victoria with access to specialised education. While the benefits of specialist education are unquestionable, the tyranny of distance means that families often compromise and opt for local schools. The Insight network overcomes this problem.

Insight low vision junior student with teacher reading magnified text on a large computer screen

Specialist Primary School

offering AusVELS (the Australian National Curriculum in Victoria), the Expanded Core Curriculum  (compensatory or functional academic skills, including communication modes, e.g. braille; orientation and mobility; social interaction; independent living; recreation and leisure; career education; assistive technology; sensory efficiency; self-determination), and extra-curricular activities and therapies (music, gymnastics, swimming, sailing, library, etc.).

Two Hugh Williamson Foundation Life Management Program high school students reading braille and using a BrailleNote during an Insight Support Skills session at Insight’s hub in Berwick

The Hugh Williamson Foundation Life Management Program (LMP)

for mainstream-enrolled students of all ages, includes four programs: Insight Support Skills, Parent Support, Early Learning (ages 0-6) and Life Transition. The Hugh Williamson Foundation Life Management Program is available to all children in Victoria.

Image: ABC 774 – InsightOut Mobile Classroom Grade 6 student Bella, with teachers Kim and Michael working in the Mobile Classroom


Insight’s unique Mobile Classroom Programs are designed to provide specialist education services around Victoria, particularly in remote urban and country areas, where services are scarce and often difficult, if not impossible, to access.

Secondary student coaching and tutoring

Professional development

initial and ongoing education for mainstream teachers and aides engaged in the education of students with vision impairments.

Monash University student placement

Placement/project development offered to Monash University students at Insight Specialist Primary School in Berwick.

All Insight’s services and programs are provided at the Berwick hub and through the InsightOut Mobile Classrooms. Insight stands alone in quality education focused on the specific needs of blind and vision-impaired students.