Fundraising Executive – Foundations, Trusts and Corporates

Location: Berwick, Victoria


Are you a highly motivated, experienced and dedicated fundraiser who wants to work with a supportive and dynamic leadership team?

Are you looking for a role that offers a high level of autonomy and responsibility working with a rapidly growing, innovative organization that enables blind or vision impaired children to reach independence in adulthood?

Are you passionate about fundraising heavily focused on Foundations, Trusts and Corporates (FT&C), where you are “hands on” for the entire fundraising process including:

  • Project and partner determination
  • Identification, Research and Qualification of prospective FT&Cs
  • Strategic Grant Application planning satisfying all key selection criteria
  • Initiation and development of relationships with FT&Cs
  • Preparation (writing) of grant applications
  • Building and managing a sustainable pipeline of grant applications to ensure funding targets achieved
  • Maintaining or bettering application success rate
  • Managing applications through to successful conclusion
  • Maintaining and developing on-going relationships with strategic FT&Cs at all stages and on a continual basis, including beyond the point of grant determination.


Insight Education Centre for the Blind and Vision Impaired seeks to provide all students with equal opportunities to develop a competent sense of self and the world within a collaborative and diverse school community.

Insight’s mission is to educate, support and empower blind and vision impaired Victorian children and young people so that they may reach their potential and independence.

Insight is dedicated to ensuring that blind and vision impaired children have the best opportunity possible to reach adulthood with the very real potential to earn an income and have life options.

The Insight organisation is a unique and dynamic organisation that combines the best of two very different worlds – on one side, this organisation is a shining example of world’s best practice education in the disability sector; on the other side, this organisation has an administration and corporate persona that would parallel a rapidly growing “start-up” organization.


This role will be best filled by a person with a successful track record raising funds from Corporates, Foundations and Trusts, while also passionate about nurturing long-term relationships with all individual donors.

The role will be best filled by a person who has had success in identifying fundraising opportunities with foundations, trusts and corporates. It will definitely require a person who has done the work to plan, create and manage applications through to the ultimate success of generating individual grants from “5 to 6” figure amounts. And this role will definitely require a person who can continue to grow and develop relationships with FT&Cs on an on-going basis, including post grant decisions, whatever the outcome.

This opportunity will be most appealing and rewarding for a person looking to increase their focus and involvement in fundraising with Foundations, Trusts and Corporates:

  1. You will be working closely with one of Australia’s most innovative, strategic and relentless NFP founders, and you will have the opportunity to extend your expertise and skills through collaboration and team-work.
  1. You will work as a member of a close-knit and highly motivated and dedicated leadership team working with a “start-up” culture, whilst at the same time, you will be making a real and tangible difference to real people, in the real world.
  2. You will have the opportunity to progress and grow your career and responsibilities as you contribute to the ability of the organisation to reach and improve the lives of hundreds, and potentially thousands, of young people. You and your leadership team colleagues will continually strengthen and extend the organisation, and there is no limit to the vision that the leadership team has to the transformational work that can be done by this organisation.


If you think this sounds like you and you can see yourself working with us to advance the vision of enabling independence in adulthood for blind and vision impaired children, please send us an email with your CV and a covering letter.

We undertake to call every person who submits an application for this role, within 48 hours of us receiving your application.

If you have an interest in this role and would like to find out more, please send a copy of your CV together with your covering letter to

Once we receive your application, we will give you a call to see if you have any questions about any aspect of the role, to explain in detail our selection process and what you can expect in terms of communication from us, and likely timeframes for each step of our process.

Thank you for your interest and taking the time to read this advertisement.

We are very keen to not only identify and hire the right person for this job but we are also dedicated to ensuring that every single person who expresses interest in this role is given the best possible chance to succeed.