To Richard Gill’s family

Richard Gill




October 28, 2018

To Richard Gill’s family

A great man has passed from our midst. Sad, very sad to have lost Richard. Our deepest condolences go to you from all the children, staff, parents and directors of Insight, the specialist school for the blind and vision impaired in Melbourne.

We knew about Richard’s fight against cancer; we met up with him each time he was in Melbourne. Richard became the Patron of Insight Education Centre for the Blind and Vision Impaired in September 2012 and was always a staunch fighter and supporter on Insight’s behalf and on behalf of the 1000+ blind and vision impaired children in this state. He fought for an education system that actually gives them a chance for an independent life as adults, rather than today’s 70% probability that they’ll never have a real job.

We at Insight acknowledge Richard’s wonderful contribution not only to Insight but to the role of music in children’s lives, and acknowledge his enormous contribution to music education and the richness and worth of all our lives in Australia.

We will miss him.

Alan Lachman
Founder and MD