Early Years

Step into Kinder, Step into Prep

The Step into Kinder, Step into Prep Program provides parents and students with explicit learning in braille, large print, Maths, English, sensory skills and orientation and mobility.

Materials provided in these sessions include take home braille readers, tactual learning materials, and home-based lesson resource guides – to ensure the learning continues at home for both parents and children.

Our state of the art environment now includes new sensory play areas and gardens, further enhancing Insight’s provision of the best possible educational environment for children whose learning needs, despite the best efforts of all involved, are often difficult to meet within mainstream schools.

Parents of young blind or vision impaired students are warmly invited to join our Step into Kinder, Step into Prep early years learning mornings. These sessions are delivered by our Junior specialist classroom teacher and specialist guests (Early Years Orientation and Mobility instructors & Occupational Therapists). Kick start your child’s learning journey here and at home whilst experiencing first-hand the programs and supportive school culture at our Berwick Campus. With a maximum enrolment of 8 students for our 2018/19 Program intake, it is timely to consider a schooling option that optimises learning outcomes and future opportunities for your child.

For more information, to meet the Principal, have a school tour and enrol your child, please contact Sally Webb, Principal

Email: sally.webb@insightvision.org.au

Phone: 03 9707 1585

It all starts with Prep!

Why we need a specialist approach to educating blind and vision impaired children starting from their first year of school.

A specialist school may be described as a select entry school with an educational model or pedagogy that directs specific attention and commitment to achieving the best possible learning outcomes in one or more field of study. Such schools work to develop the skills and talents of their students, not only to support academic success, but to build the high levels of student confidence required to pursue successful life pathways.

The Insight Specialist P-8 is such a school and is an excellent choice for the education of children who are blind or vision impaired. The bar is set high for students. Founded on a model of educational excellence, learning at Insight incorporates a carefully planned, individualised transition to mainstream schooling when the time is right. Student learning is supported by a model of best practice in Explicit Instruction, with content drawn from the Expanded Core Curriculum, specifically designed for blind and vision impaired students. In addition, standards and content from the Australian Curriculum support the delivery of an academically sound and developmentally appropriate educational experience for all students. Learning for students at Insight is carefully planned and delivered by highly qualified specialist staff.

It is a little known fact that the unemployment rate for adults who are blind or vision impaired is close to 70% and that the remaining 30% includes many with an ‘employment’ classification of just 4 – 6 hours of work a week. Insight’s powerful model for delivering specialist education and well-planned personalised integration into mainstream environments are essential tools for addressing and reducing these unacceptable statistics. Insight gives students a better chance for an independent life in adulthood.