Founder’s Message

When my daughter Francesca was born in 2001, I never imagined what a journey she would take me on, nor how much she would teach me in such a short time.

For a parent of a child diagnosed with a profound disability, the world as you know it disappears in an instant and in its place comes the realization of what lies ahead.

What to do and how to help your tiny child live a normal and happy life and achieve her potential is a question to which you have to find answers.

Every child deserves the chance to shine and education is the key. That is why Insight was created: to use that key to unlock the doors of opportunity, discovery and wonder.

You don’t need sight to have vision. Every child deserves the opportunity to be equal and the right to be different. All children possess unique talents that will allow them to shine, if properly nurtured. Every child has the right to appropriate, explicit and accessible education and every child has the right to feel empowered and appreciated for what he is. Every blind or vision impaired child has the right to mix and make friends with similar adults and peers, to freely share common experiences and perceptions.

And every family has the right to choose the best educational pathway for their child.

Insight is a dream come true. Since 2009, Insight has been the centrepiece of my family, with huge support from my wife and 3 daughters.

Families want to know that their child will acquire all the academic, life and social skills needed for a well-rounded adult to successfully navigate the world. Parents need to know that there is a planned pathway their child can follow to acquire independence for the day when their child is an adult.

Insight represents the best chance their blind or vision impaired child has to gain independence – a job, an income and life options – as an adult. Families don’t have to struggle to find the right academic and life skills solution. Insight is here, right now.

Insight is the only education centre for the blind and vision impaired in Victoria.

Insight gives students a pathway to inclusion, the opportunity to be equal and the right to be different through explicit education: the Specialist Primary School Australian and Expanded Core Curricula, and the Hugh Williamson Foundation Life Management Program (Centre of Excellence).

We are proud that Insight’s success will be measured by the success of Victoria’s 800+ blind and vision impaired students and young people.

Insight’s future is a strong partnership with mainstream schools in every region to provide just the right options for students, whether that is delivered at the Insight Berwick Education Hub or in Mobile Classrooms and Specialist Mainstream Satellite Units across Victoria.

Insight relies on support from individuals, philanthropic organisations and communities to fund its specialist programs. These continuing donations and grants will ensure that the Specialist Primary School and the Centre of Excellence prosper and thrive into the future. Without your support, Insight would not be and WILL not be.

The opening of Insight in September 2014 by Dr Alan Finkel (immediate past Chancellor of Monash University and Australia’s newly appointed Chief Scientist) emphasized what REAL mainstream integration could mean.

Today’s national employment rate for blind and vision impaired adults is still below 40%. There’s no reason it cannot reach 80% and higher.

Insight’s partnerships are fundamental to providing a 21st Century response to student needs. One such partner, Monash University, provides Insight with many opportunities, including student placement and joint research projects on everything from high tech to student assessment to benefit our students.

Browse our website, give us a call, come and visit.

We’re looking forward to giving these children the best possible start to life, together!

Thank you.

Alan Lachman