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Sally Web - Principal at Insight Education Centre
Sally Web – Principal at Insight Education Centre

Sally Webb

Principal at Insight Education Centre

Sally’s formal studies:

Masters in Education – Leadership (University of Melbourne)

Post-graduate Diploma Educational Studies – Special Education (University of Melbourne)

Bachelor of Education (University of Melbourne)

Diploma of Primary Teaching (Melbourne College of Advanced Education)


Sally brings to Insight a wealth of educative and life experiences, excellent qualifications and an inclusive vision for success. She believes success at school is nurturing the whole child by building skills, developing healthy relationships and promoting resilience, all of which create a platform to develop a confident and independent life.

“Insight offers a well-rounded education that acknowledges the uniqueness of each child. Our education will also provide opportunities that support the development of skills that will allow all children to flourish in an ever-changing landscape,” she says.

The core curriculum and Expanded Core Curriculum are vital to equipping students, especially for transition after Insight. Monitoring the mental wellbeing of each student is equally important as their academic and life skills progress. Parents will receive open and honest communication about their child’s progress and wellbeing. Sally is well qualified in this area having a post-graduate degree (Special Education) and experience working with Dr Helen McGrath in counselling for educators.

Sally uses a model of positive psychology to support strengths-based approaches to student learning, relationship development and building social and emotional intelligences. Mindful practices are actively employed within the classroom as part of her holistic approach to learning and personal development.

With teaching staff, Sally has developed an instructional leadership model which prioritises time with each teacher to identify their professional needs and support them with classroom challenges. Using the Kids Matter framework, a whole campus approach, both students’ and teachers’ welfare are actively monitored.

Of equal importance Sally is a leader who values and makes the time to understand the community whom they serve, achieving this through building and sustaining authentic and respectful relationships with all stakeholders.

Sally believes in motivating and inspiring others, building their personal and professional capacity and understanding their different needs, talents and aspirations to help build a connected and supportive school community.

“As a leader, educator, parent and role-model, I care deeply about the responsibilities connected with each of these roles and I hold strongly to the values that underpin my actions and behaviours,” she says.

“Educating children requires flexible and adaptable teaching approaches which respond to the needs of the learner. Innovation in education is an essential element to ensure students’ engagement with learning remains relevant and authentic. I am a strong advocate for, and leader of action research which allows educators to explore new ideas, engage with research and develop approaches to learning that can be evaluated, modified and scaled across the school.”

As an author and consultant for Macmillan Publishing, Sally is provided with the opportunity to influence teaching material that is published for use in Australia and overseas. An active Army Reservist, her roles have included operating Military heavy vehicles, recruitment training and counselling, and as a signaller.

Sally has five children.

Lisa Bradbury - T.A./ Welfare Support
Lisa Bradbury – T.A./ Welfare Support

Lisa Bradbury

T.A./ Welfare Support

Lisa Bradbury brings a wealth of experience to Insight in her role as student welfare officer.

Originally from the UK, the mother of three teenage boys trained in the fitness industry before branching out into education, first as a volunteer at her sons’ school, then as a teaching assistant.

After arriving in Australia, Lisa was engaged as an integration aid at Berwick Fields Primary school.

Later she became a member of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Program and now, among many other duties, incorporates those kitchen skills into her role at Insight.

‘We’re all about preparing the children for independent living, developing their fine motor skills and providing a safe environment around the kitchen,’ Lisa says.

As Insight’s student welfare officer, Lisa is passionate about attending to the students’ emotional, physical and intellectual wellbeing and liaising with parents.

‘All of our students have special abilities and also special needs. We take a holistic view of each student and prepare them for the opportunities ahead at mainstream schools and a fulfilling life after.’

Leanne Pillay - Teacher
Leanne Pillay – Teacher

Leanne Pillay


“It’s all about Engagement”.

With a Masters in Education, a specialist degree in Disability Studies and a diploma in Primary Education, Leanne Pillay is a very well qualified teacher. But it is her broad experience and innovation in the classroom, combined with her focus on individualised attention and high student outcomes that sets her apart.

A respected solutions-based leader, Leanne is also a highly regarded mentor of emerging teachers.

Using a range of specialised educational tools, Leanne plans, organises and implements whole of school initiatives at Insight to maximise student engagement and performance.


Ilodi Jacobs
Ilodi Jacobs

Ilodi Jacobs

New International addition to Insight’s teaching team

Ilodi Jacobs brings to Insight her extensive international specialist education expertise covering remedial and inclusive teaching, student counselling and working with children with learning difficulties. Ilodi has taught and consulted throughout South Africa, Hong Kong and Australia.

‘I am excited to be a part of the Insight team with its impressive resources, facilities and expanded core curricula. It’s a wonderful foundation of educational and life-skills and a platform for a bright future and fulfilling life for our centre’s students,’ she says.