Specialist P-8 School

Insight Specialist Primary School senior student reading a braille book and exploring tactile images on the page during a literacy class - See more at: http://www.insightvision.org.au/index.php/programs-and-services/insight-specialist-primary-school-sps/#sthash.TLgkoOOL.dpuf
Insight Specialist Primary School senior student reading a braille book and exploring tactile images on the page during a literacy class.

Insight Specialist Primary School provides a full and comprehensive curriculum for blind and vision impaired students, comprising AusVELS (English, Maths, Science, Humanities, Art, Design and Technology and Health and P.E.) and the Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC) for Blind and Vision Impaired students (compensatory or functional academic skills, including communication modes; orientation and mobility; social interaction; independent living; recreation and leisure; career education; use of assistive technology; sensory efficiency; self-determination).

Students are in small class groups, taught by teachers who are trained to modify and adapt curriculum, teach using strategies and methodologies appropriate to each child’s degree of vision loss, use a wide range of assistive technologies, and incorporate the vision-specific subjects required by the students to fully access and participate in all learning activities.

Insight has a range of specialist equipment to support student learning: braillers, synthetic speech software, talking devices (dictionary, calculator, scales, etc.), voice and video recorders to assess student work, and materials in a range of formats including braille, large print, audio and tactile.

Students are taught to use mainstream learning devices such as iPads and iPods, using accessibility features, which provide high levels of interest and motivation. A significant amount of resources has been adapted into braille and tactile media to support learning in mathematics and literacy, ensuring that students develop a solid understanding of concepts, and enabling them to demonstrate their learning in a variety of contexts.

Two Insight Specialist Primary School students writing on their Perkins braillers with their teacher.

All programs are created and written specifically for blind and vision impaired children’s unique needs and set in an environment that meets them. As there is no other school for the blind or vision impaired anywhere in Victoria, Insight stands alone in quality education for these children. Small classes enable each student to receive the level of support required to fully access and participate in all areas of the dual curriculum, and to develop the ability and motivation to work independently.

Participation in Physical Education and Health is essential for students with vision impairments. Insight supports and teaches students to participate in mainstream physical activities in addition to specific sports for the blind (goalball, swish and blind cricket). These skills enable participation in accessible recreational activities for the students, their families and their sighted friends. The Healthy Eating policy encourages parents to provide whole foods for ‘brain food’ snack, morning tea and lunch, and students are encouraged to drink water throughout the day.

Insight Education Centre currently operates two buses which travel along EastLink and the Monash Freeway from the city to transport students to Berwick.