Message to the school community

The goal of Insight Education is to empower children to not only survive but flourish in mainstream education environments. Through targeted, early intervention, children enrolled at our Insight Education Centre develop skills to become independently literate, confident, creative learners and effective navigators within a sighted world. Our programs are tailored to meet the needs of each student, and are developed through regular collaboration with students, parents and the mainstream school from which the child comes or to which each child will transition.

As Principal of Insight Education, I believe that flexible and adaptable teaching approaches that respond to the needs of the learner, are essential requirements to successfully support the education of children. Innovation in education is fundamental to ensure student engagement with learning remains relevant and authentic. I am a strong advocate of action research which allows educators to explore new ideas, engage with research and develop approaches to learning that can be evaluated, modified and scaled.

The Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians was developed to ‘improve educational outcomes for all young Australians … positioning young people to live fulfilling, productive and responsible lives.’ (Dec. 2008) Two goals form the basis of this policy:

  1. Australian schooling promotes equity and excellence
  2. All young Australians will become: successful learners; confident and creative individuals; active and informed citizens.

As one walks through the gates of Insight Education it is evident that these goals are not only embraced, but authentically enacted through: the diversity and responsiveness our learning programs; committed, professional and highly skilled educators; a philosophy of excellence and the encouragement of personal best. Our mission at Insight is, ‘To educate, support and empower blind and vision impaired children and young people so they may reach their potential, independence and self-worth.’

Our passion for building and sustaining a culture of excellence and equality is enacted through a process of continued review, feedback and refinement of programs, processes and partnerships. Working in collaboration with all stakeholders, sharing information and communicating openly and often are fundamental keys to success for our students. Insight Education is one piece of the puzzle for blind and vision impaired children and their families. The explicit teaching of skills through the Expanded Core Curriculum in conjunction with our programs, that follow the Victorian Curriculum standards, ensure that when our students transition into a mainstream education environment, they are well equipped to engage as active, confident and capable learners, friends and community members.

We have an exciting time ahead as we grow our community to help all blind and vision impaired children reach their full academic, social and emotional potential. I encourage you to join us on this journey.


Sally Webb


Sally’s formal studies:

Masters in Education – Leadership (University of Melbourne)

Post-graduate Diploma Educational Studies – Special Education (University of Melbourne)

Bachelor of Education (University of Melbourne)

Diploma of Primary Teaching (Melbourne College of Advanced Education)

Sally has five children, is an author of educational resources and is a retired Army Reserve soldier.