Orientation & Mobility

Orientation & Mobility skills are taught at Insight throughout the school day.

Students are assisted and encouraged to explore every part of the school and to learn to move independently from room to room. All children are taught to be completely independent in every aspect of the school-day routine: getting into school from the bus stop, getting into class, putting their bag away and preparing their desk for the day ahead. Students move independently through activities and to each class, thus fostering their sense of autonomy and personal achievement.

Insight students also receive regular Orientation and Mobility training from Guide Dogs Victoria’s specialist team of Orientation & Mobility Instructors from the Children’s Mobility Service. These instructors are skilled to provide training to children of all ages.

An Instructor and a student during an Orientation and Mobility session
Daniel Kish and an Insight student during an Orientation and Mobility session at Monash University

“Participation in our Orientation & Mobility programs encourages children to develop their confidence and independent thinking skills. Children are given the opportunity to explore, problem solve and seek answers for themselves. We support children to be heavily involved with the direction of their mobility program helping to improve their confidence and independence in many areas of life. The Children’s Mobility Service has an educational approach to the development of each child’s mobility needs. Orientation & Mobility is a dynamic process in which new learning builds upon established skills. As with other life skills, it is important for children to continue strengthening their Orientation & Mobility skills as they develop along with understanding of concepts relating to their world. This includes knowledge of body concepts and how they relate to spatial and environmental concepts”. (From the Guide Dogs Victoria website)

Insight students are also given the opportunity to participate in Guide Dogs Victoria Camps, which strengthens their friendships and offers them chances to make new ones.

Insight students and their families have also had the opportunity to participate in sessions of one-on-one echolocation instruction with World Access for the Blind President Daniel Kish. Students and families have all benefited from his insightful and practical first-hand knowledge.