Principal’s Welcome


Dear Parents,

I am delighted to welcome your child and family to our school community. As the Principal of Insight Education Centre I very much look forward to working with you to ensure that the 2018 school year is a happy and productive one for us all. Insight is a very positive choice for the education of your child.

It is my firm belief that Insight offers young students and their families the option of an outstanding educational pathway which is specialised and individualised, promotes independence, and is fully committed to ensuring that each child’s potential is fully realised.

The need for effective and meaningful Explicit Instruction:

The need for EI

There is a considerable body of world-wide research based evidence that blind and vision impaired students benefit significantly by being taught by specialist teachers who deliver the Expanded Core Curriculum (a vision specific program) integrated into the regular curriculum. These students generally have higher levels of academic achievement and independence, better social skills, more successful transition from primary to secondary school settings and have improved tertiary education and employment opportunities.

Research also indicates that learning is approximately 80% visual. Understandably, primary and secondary teachers in mainstream schools use methodologies and resources that rely heavily on observation and visual attention to tasks. Blind and vision impaired students require Explicit Instruction (EI) in every area of the curriculum to overcome the gaps in learning which result from these visual based approaches. Whilst mainstream primary classrooms are successful for some blind and vision impaired students, many fall behind academically, socially and in the development of independence.

I am fortunate in being able to draw upon a high level of specialist expertise to achieve the best for your child and very much look forward to getting to know you all. A high value must be placed on warm and positive working relationships if school is to be a place that students love to be.

With access to the school’s full range of specialised educational options, your child has the opportunity to realise a successful ‘Pathway to Inclusion’ throughout their primary, secondary and tertiary education and eventually an equal place in society alongside their sighted peers.

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Timothy Hemphill


January 2018