Uniform and jewellery requirements are detailed in the School Uniform Policy – available from the School Office. It is a requirement that students wear the school uniform at all times, unless advised of a non-uniform day for a special event. If the school uniform cannot be worn for whatever reason, please ensure that your child wears items as close in colour and style to the uniform as possible. There may be special days throughout the year when students may wear casual clothes for a particular purpose. These will be advised by letters sent home to parents and/or in the school newsletter.


Uniform Boys Girls

·        Navy trousers

·        Yellow long-sleeved polo shirt

·        Navy polar fleece zip jacket

·        Navy fleece polo jumper

·        Navy blue socks

·        Black shoes (lace-up/Velcro)

·        As for boys, or

·        Winter tunic

·        White long-sleeved shirt

·        Navy polar fleece zip jacket

·        Navy blue socks

·       Black shoes (lace-up/Velcro)


·        Navy shorts

·        Yellow short-sleeved polo shirt

·        Navy socks

·        Black shoes

·        Navy bucket hat

·        Navy shorts or skirt

·        Yellow short-sleeved polo shirt, or

·        Cotton dress, and

·        Navy socks

·        Black shoes

·        Navy bucket hat

Hats (see SunSmart Policy)

Hats must be worn from 1st September to 30th April at play times, for all outdoor activities and on excursions. Students who do not have a hat at school will be restricted to playing in the shade. Please ensure that your child’s hat is clearly marked with their name on the inside of the brim.

Art Smock

As tactile Arts and Crafts are a regular part of the curriculum, please provide an art smock or an old adult size shirt which will cover and protect your child’s uniform, and which may be used as an art smock.

Change of Clothes

Insight students are required to have a spare set of clothing to be left at school in their classroom locker for occasional accidents or for when wet weather results in muddy clothing from outside play.

Lost Property

Students are required to have their clothing and belongings labelled. A small clothing box for lost property is located at Reception. Parents/Guardians are welcome to check this at any time for items that may have gone missing. The staff will return labelled items. At the end of each term, all items that have not been claimed are cleaned and donated to the uniform shop for second-hand sales.

Purchase of Uniform

Uniforms are available for purchase from the School Office. Alternatively, you may complete a uniform order form and return to the School Office and upon receipt of payment, the uniform will be sent home with the student.

Student Uniform order form

Insight navy blue school bag with logo
Insight uniform samples: girls’ winter tunic and blouse, navy polar fleece zip jacket, navy bucket hat, yellow short-sleeved polo shirt and navy shorts.